A Note from Executive Director, Tom Viertel

Dear CTIers, 

I’m writing to let you know that after nine years as Executive Director of CTI (and more than a year of waiting out the pandemic) I’ve decided to step down.  It’s been both a pleasure and an honor to have served in this position.  I believe passionately that CTI is critical to the health of the Broadway producing community and I’m confident that its next leader will continue to provide a quality education about the joys, travails and complexities of our profession.  

I thank Charlotte St. Martin, President of the Broadway League, and Tory Bailey, Executive Director of TDF, for placing their confidence in me and for their excellent guidance and advice.  I also want to thank the many wonderful speakers who lent their time and expertise to our classes.  Their willingness to mentor the next generation of producers through CTI classes is proof of their commitment to the enduring strength of the Broadway community.  My thanks as well to our sponsors, Broadway’s leading companies, whose support allowed us to offer so many valuable courses.  Cathy Russell deserves special praise for hosting our sessions at the Theater Center and for being a great supporter of CTI’s mission.

The staff of CTI, led by Amanda Harper and later Maddie Carney and Camille Hayward, have been key to our executing so many kinds of events, from the 3-Day Intensive to the Fourteen Week to the CLE with the New York State Bar Association to CTI’s course at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center and all our one-off classes. The interns and volunteers who have helped us along the way have also contributed tremendously to what we’ve been able to do.

Lastly, I’m ever grateful to all of you who attended CTI, support it enthusiastically, and continue to depend on it to stay up to date on best practices.  I wish you all great success, whether in the world of producing or in any other endeavor you choose.  

As the season progresses, keep your eyes out for more news of CTI.

With good wishes to you all,