An Update from the Broadway League

In a comprehensive interview with Greg Evans of DEADLINE, President of The Broadway League, Charlotte St. Martin, updates readers on Broadway’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.  St. Martin explains the intricate details involved in closing theaters, re-opening shows, installing potential safety precautions, the various steps The League is taking to ensure the future of Broadway, and more. 

Charlotte St. Martin couldn’t be blamed for bristling over that recent televised and widely quoted exchange between a reporter and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. Asked by the reporter if Broadway’s decision to re-open on June 7 could serve as a “rule of thumb” for other New York City industries, Cuomo did some bristling of his own. “I wouldn’t use what Broadway thinks as a barometer of anything unless they’re in the public health business and have seen better numbers and models,” the governor said, dismissively.

St. Martin wants to set the record straight. The president of the Broadway League, the trade group representing theater owners, producers, presenters and general managers on Broadway and theaters throughout North America, says that June 7 was never announced as a date certain for the Broadway reopening – or even a date uncertain.

A June 7 reopening was “never, ever the case. We did not say that,” St. Martin tells Deadline…

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