The Ten Minute Pitch

Finding your next Broadway hit is only half the battle; learning how to pitch your show to investors in a succinct, exciting, and enticing way is essential. 

In preparing your pitch, it’s important to be able to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the production and communicate your intentions for the project.  These are the six topics you need to address in ten minutes or under in order to secure the success of your show:

  1. What is the show about (in a concise way)?
  2. Who are the players?
  • Do you have any stars attached?  An important author or director on board?  Do you already have a theater?  Does the show have a pedigree?
  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. What are the problems and vulnerabilities of the show?
  3. What’s exciting about this production and why will this show be the one out of five that reaches profitability?
  4. What do you need from the investor and when?