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The Flop House

Welcome to The Flop House where a panel of distinguished producers will talk about the shows that didn’t work, the lessons they learned and how they were able to move forward to later triumphs. 

There will be a 90-minute networking event immediately following the panel. Network with your fellow CTI participants and speakers and discuss the stories shared by the panel.

Marketing Seminar (Two-Day)

This two-day course provides a state-of-the-art understanding of how to sell a Broadway show.

Fourteen-Week Program

This discussion-based and interactive course presents a comprehensive look at the many aspects of commercial producing.

The Development Process

This one-day seminar gives you a step-by-step guide to union rules, what to expect to accomplish artistically for each of these options and how to budget their costs. We also explore the pros and cons of each kind of developmental step.

Three-Day Intensive

The introductory course will provide you with information on all of the different aspects of producing.

Legal Aspects of Producing (CLE)

The seminar will focus on the roles that theatrical lawyers play in guiding both new and seasoned industry professionals through all of the stages and legal aspects of producing.

Small Productions

Many Broadway producers start their careers by producing much smaller-scale shows, often in tiny spaces and for short runs off-off-Broadway. The experience is invaluable, but the rules are very different from Broadway.

Who Gets What

Find out more about the people it takes to produce a show, including royalties, fees and perks you’ll need to negotiate.

O’Neill Summer Workshop

The O’Neill Summer Workshop, where you, too, can step into the world of creative producing! Learn about navigating the producer’s relationship with authors and creative teams.